Why I’m Running

“I want to go to Congress in these turbulent times to be the voice and advocate for all the people in our congressional district. I want to take my legislative experience to Capitol Hill and work with my colleagues to solve our most pressing problems based upon the needs of those I serve.”

– Aruna Miller

I Am Running Because I Believe in America

I believe in America because my story is only possible in America. I believe America IS great.

I believe in an America that will continue to open its doors to all.

I believe in an America that was built by those with the vision and commitment to explore new frontiers.

I believe in an America that has confronted and solved tough problems.

I believe in an America that grows and thrives on the creativity and energy that a diversity of ideas and spirit brings.

I Am Running Because I Believe I Can Make a Real Difference in People’s Lives

I believe that it is a privilege to represent the people not only in Maryland’s House of Delegates—but also in Congress.

I believe that the best way to help our communities and country is to engage in activities and fight for those who need it most and who feel forgotten.

I believe that the best way to serve all of my constituents is by truly listening to and caring about their needs.

I believe that my 25 years as an engineer have given me the experience and tools to bring people together and combine innovation with common sense to solve today’s complex problems.

I believe that the road to progress always looks forward and is constantly under construction.

I Am Running Because We Need a Fighter and a Champion

I will champion quality education for all to build a strong economy: As a State Delegate, I fought for and championed STEM education to give our students the skills they need to succeed in the 21st Century—from farming and manufacturing to health care, cybersecurity, and biomedical research.

I fought for and championed ways to improve our public schools from pre-K through high school, to make college more affordable, and to support our educators who give our children a brighter future.

I fought for and championed ways to increase access to health care to save lives and eliminate health disparities. This includes ways to address the opioid crisis, decrease health insurance premiums, and increase access to life-saving drugs.

I fought for and championed new technologies to create jobs, encourage businesses to invest in our state, and enhance the quality of life for all residents – in both rural and urban areas.

I fought for and championed ways to give Maryland’s working men and women – in both the public and private sectors—a shot at fair pay and benefits, a decent minimum wage, improved working conditions, and the right to unionize.

I fought for and championed ways to increase funding for and design a more balanced, equitable, and efficient transportation system.

I fought for and championed ways to ensure that Maryland has common sense gun safety laws, such as expanded background checks for gun purchases and banning assault rifles and bumpstocks.

I fought for and championed ways to strengthen Maryland’s criminal laws to better protect women and children from domestic abuse and violence.

I fought for and championed ways to make Maryland a state of which we can be proud—this includes fair treatment for immigrant families, establishing marriage equality, and ending the death penalty.

I fought for and championed ways to strengthen our environmental laws, including the state’s ban on fracking and to maintain the health of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay.

I Am Running Because Maryland Needs a Congresswoman Who:

Fights for universal coverage and eliminating health disparities.

Will grow the economy, and create new job opportunities for the middle class and those left behind.

Renew and strengthen our infrastructure for future generations.

Works to save our planet and protect our natural resources—from the air we breathe and the water we drink to the land we know as “America the Beautiful”.

Seeks innovative ways to protect Social Security and Medicare, pay for college education, and provide decent housing.

Is dedicated to a country that works for everybody and harnesses our strengths and our better selves. But most of all, I am running because Maryland needs a Congresswoman who will fight for you and with you—with strength, integrity, and experience – 24/7.

I Ask for Your Vote

“I ask for your vote because – together—we can build upon America’s promise and ensure that we leave our children a world that is better than the one we know today.” - Aruna Miller