Race Update

What voters in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District need to hear…


Aruna Miller is a strong, progressive legislator who gets results because she listens to you, stands up for our values, and stands against Donald Trump.

Key Points:

Aruna Miller reflects our progressive values. Aruna came to America when she was seven years old. She did not speak English when she arrived, but she excelled in school, worked her way through college, graduated with an engineering degree, became a transportation engineer for 25 years, and raised three daughters.

Aruna has a record of progressive accomplishments as a state legislator. Aruna wrote the law requiring GPS tracking for repeat domestic abusers, led the fight to extend the statute of limitations for sexual offenses against minors, helped expand background checks for gun purchases, and delivered more funding for STEM and computer funding in our schools.

Aruna is known for listening to her constituents and her limitless energy when it comes to helping them. Aruna says that 80% of the bills she introduces in Annapolis came from listening to people.

In Congress, Aruna will defend our progressive values against Donald Trump. Aruna will continue her life’s work of expanding opportunity and protecting families, including standing up to Donald Trump when he threatens those values.