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Aruna Miller Endorsed by the Architect of Montgomery Ag Preserve Dr. Royce Hanson

Posted by on March 13, 2018

Today Aruna Miller’s Campaign for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District received the endorsement from an environmental visionary, Dr. Royce Hanson.

Dr. Hanson served as the Planning Board Chair for Montgomery County and is known as the “father” of the Montgomery County’s Agriculture preserve, nationally recognized for its innovation in preserving open space for generations to come.

“His vision, commitment and vigilance ensuring our planet is protected for future generations is exemplary and I am truly honored to have his endorsement and support.”, stated Aruna Miller

Dr. Hanson went on to commend Aruna’s leadership and her commitment to Maryland’s environment “The 6th District contains some of Maryland’s most valuable natural, cultural, and environmental resources. We need Aruna Miller in Congress to champion a clean Potomac as the Nation’s River and water supply for Metropolitan Washington; to build congressional support for the C&O Canal as an historical and recreational treasure.”, stated Hanson.

Noting Miller’s background as an engineer as key asset in understanding the environment. Dr. Hanson remarked, “Aruna is a proven effective legislator, an engineer guided by science and an ability to work with others and communities to get things done, from energy and transportation policy to education, health care, and economic development. Aruna offers Western Maryland an opportunity to elect a member of Congress who can work at both local and global scale, who will fight for its people and communities and for policies to strengthen the economy and protect the planet for generations to come.”