The empowerment of women and the improvement of their social, political, economic, and health status is critical to the productivity of our state.  We must strengthen laws on violence against women, protect reproductive health, and eliminate gender pay gaps in the workforce. Gender equality in the workplace does not mean exactly the same outcome for all individuals but equal outcomes for women and men where women can combine the roles of child-bearing and child-rearing without discrimination at work.  While women represent over 50 percent of the population, we continue to be under-represented as voters, corporate leaders and elected officials. Democracy is best achieved when all of its citizens are represented in the political arena.

Bills I sponsored/co-sponsored:

HB0724-Sexual Offense in the Fourth Degree – Statute of Limitations – Increase, Increase time from 1 to 3 years to prosecute specific fourth degree offenses.

HB511-Juvenile Services – Services and Programs for Females, to provide report on progress of utilization of prevention and educational and vocational resources.

HB647, Education – Human Trafficking – Awareness, Training, and Distribution of Materials, mandates training materials for human trafficking awareness.

HB0132,  Mammograms – Dense Breast Tissue – Notification, requires specified centers to notify patients of dense breast tissue.

• HB1429, State Government – Statue of Harriet Tubman, gives statue to federal government to be hopefully placed in U.S. Capitol Visitors Center.