As a mother of three children raised in the Montgomery County public schools system, I deeply understand As a mother of three children raised in the Montgomery County public schools system, I deeply understand the important role investment in public schools plays in improving our community, economy, and future.

I am honored to serve on the Ways & Means Education sub-committee where I get the opportunity to shape policies that make Maryland public schools #1 in the nation.

There is no greater asset to our future than our children, and no greater investment than in their education.  In 2012, I supported legislation strengthening the maintenance of effort laws that ensure we continue to invest in our future and not consent to short-term economic pressures.

College affordability is a critical need for every family and Maryland has held tuition to low single digit increases even in tough budget years.

Quality education is a right and equal access to resources and opportunities for all students is what Maryland should strive to achieve. I will work to ensure pre-K programs are funded so all children are adequately prepared to embark with equal footing on their educational path to K-12 and beyond.

The best education requires quality teachers in the classroom. That’s why I co-sponsored legislation that created the Public School Labor Relations Board, which expanded the ability of our educators to collectively bargain and get the pay and benefits they deserve.

Bills I sponsored/co-sponsored:

• HB0470  Higher Education – Tuition Charges – Maryland High School Students (Dream Act), path to higher education for qualifying undocumented immigrants.

HB613, Loan Assistance Repayment Program – Nancy Grasmick Teacher Scholars, provides assistance in repayment for qualifying teachers.

HB0813, Task Force to Study the Impact of Expanding Credit and Noncredit Courses for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, which establishes a task force to study the impact of expanding credit and noncredit courses for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

HB1176, Primary and Secondary Education – Online Courses and Services – Accessibility, requiring Maryland Department of Education must include an assessment regarding the accessibility of online courses or service to individuals with disabilities, including the blind.

HB0740 Graduate Level Education – Exemption from Paying Nonresident Tuition Members of the United States Armed Forces, exempts active duty and honorably discharged veterans from paying nonresident tuition up to 5 years after.